Cop Properties, LP Application Policy & Procedure

Welcome to the Cop Properties, LP application process.  We charge a non-refundable application fee of $77.50 per adult.  Our definition of adult is anyone eighteen years of age or older.  Pet Screening is a separate application.  The Pet Screening fee is $20.00 for the first Pet and $15.00 for each additional pet.

Our owners give the final approval on all applicants based on several factors.  Owners can approve or deny any applicant for negative reporting as follows:

  • Income History and Verification
  • Employment History and Verification
  • Credit Score & History
  • Sexual Offenders List
  • Terrorist List
  • Rental History
  • Criminal Background
  • Pet Criteria & Pet Screening Profile
  • Prior Evictions


Sometimes we have multiple good applicants for one property.  The owners will choose the applicant which they feel has the lowest risk.

Applications must be complete, and all fees paid before processing begins.  Your application will require the following documents to be completed and signed:

  • Leasing Application
  • Rental Criteria
  • Pet Application
  • Mutual Non-Disparagement Clause
  • Privacy Notice

Please respond quickly to our request during this process.  The screening process usually takes one to five business days depending on third-party validation, and response time.  This process determines whether to approve the applicant, approve them conditionally (require additional securities to help negate risk) or deny tenancy.

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